It would be remiss of me not to begin this post by mentioning that this wedding edit is not in my usual editing style.

Now that that's out of the way, I can explain! A short while ago, Vanessa and Robert contacted me to capture their elopement photography at Wasdale Head; after seeing a dark and moody photo from part of my personal portfolio, they fell in love with the style of the image and asked if I would be able to edit their wedding in a similar way. While I agree, that it's not for everyone, I really did enjoy the process of producing something a little different.

The Planning

Vanessa and Robert wanted to keep their vows and ceremony at the Wasdale Head Inn private, so much so that they decided they wanted to remember it in their own way without any photos. What they did want though, was a series of wedding photos of them with their two best friends, in their favourite place in the world.....Wasdale!

Originally, Vanessa was planning a hike up Scafell and had envisaged photos at the summit but after we did a little research and planning, we decided that it would be more pragmatic to take advantage of the stunning backdrops that Wasdale had to offer from far less dizzying heights. That and it would be more likely that we would have visibility from a lower level and the whole 'lake' to add interest and dimension! As we got closer to the day, Vanessa contacted me in excitement....the weather was looking like it was going to be cloudy (just for reference, a bride doesn't generally get excited about clouds on their wedding day but we were on the same page!) which was just perfect for the moody vibe they wanted. Note: it's not impossible but it's incredibly hard to create moody wedding photos when there's a blue sky and a nuclear sun!!!

Wedding Day Drive

Fast forward to the morning of the wedding when I commenced a long drive over Hard Knott and Wrynose Pass - this was a big mistake by the way - I really wish I'd gone the long way around! If attempting the journey from the south, I'd highly recommend sticking to normal roads! Dodging camper vans, tractors, quad bikes, walkers, motorbikes, cyclists and you name it whilst driving a low BMW with rock-hard suspension on narrow one-track windy roads was exhausting. I had the power, but I couldn't see the road when going up hills due to the stupidly oversized bonnet and my low-profile tyres and suspension groaned with every bump - and trust me, there were many! It will be an adventure I thought as I set off, remembering that I hadn't gone that way for over 20 years but not remembering how crazy and difficult it was! I wrestled my way through the chaos, feeling pleased that I had set off with lots of time to spare and after what seemed like an eternity, was so incredibly relieved to get back onto a two-way road! Phew!


After several miles of country roads that looked like they lead to nowhere, I rounded a corner to be smacked in the face by a breathtaking view. Following the road along, the view just got better and better! As Wastwater came into the vista and I dropped into the main valley, I reeled with excitement! Now, it doesn't get more "Lake District Wedding Photography" than this! Wasdale is just draw-droppingly gorgeous and beauty is to be held in every direction you look. I was a couple of hours early, so I spent a little time grabbing some long-exposure landscape photos and doing a little recce ahead of the main event.

Wasdale Head Inn

As I got closer to Wasdale Head Inn, I began to get nervous about parking. Lots of cars had been 'abandoned' at the side of the road making the track to the Inn narrower than it needed to be and as I passed them, I clocked the yellow and black fixed penalty notices on the windscreens. Some quick mental arithmetic confirmed that someone had been busy and that there was several hundred pounds worth of tickets issued - not surprisingly, I passed a number of daytrippers who looked pretty glum! Fortunately, there was a parking space in the Inn's car park!

I then peered through the window at 2 silhouettes of a bride and groom saying their I-do's, and waited outside to meet the newlyweds with my brolly - yes, it had just started to spit! Not to worry though, it makes the knot tighter...apparently! Generally, though, it just means we get wet!

I spent ten minutes inside with Vanessa and Robert talking through what I had planned whilst we waited for the rain to subside, and then we set off on our adventure! I hope you will enjoy looking at some of the memories we created below.

Wasdale Head inn Signage Photo
Wasdale Head inn, Moody Backdrop
Wasdale Head Inn, Black and White Photo
Wasdale Head Inn, Entrance Photo
Tulips in the garden at the Wasdale Head Inn
The bridge at the back of the Wasdale Head inn

A huge congratulations to this amazing couple who eloped with their two best friends to tie the knot in their very favourite place in the whole world. I had an amazing time photographing their elopement, from sheep offal and angry farmers to crazy sign hanging and breathtaking views. If you're looking for a wedding photographer in the Lake District get in touch!