Film Production

Nothing says more in a shorter space of time than video.

Whether it's to cover an event, showcase a product, you're looking for a Lake District videographer or simply to tell a story that's needs to be told, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Everyone has a story to tell; telling your story doesn't have to be difficult! Get in touch and let's bring your vision to life!

Ticket Tailor & Cumbria Wildlife Trust

A short film - documenting the partnership between Ticket Tailor and Cumbria Wildlife Trust

The Cumbrian Chef - Cooking for a Dinner Party of 8

A short film - documenting the story of the Cumbrian Chef

The Cumbrian Chef - Testimonials Film

A short film - documenting the customer experience of booking the Cumbrian Chef

Michaela and Mark's Elopement at Lakeside Hotel and Spa

A short film - Michaela and Mark's Wedding Day

The Coppermines, Coniston

A short montage of some footage I shot for Coniston Coppermines in the Lake District

Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) - Information Film

A short film describing who the FBA are and what they do.

The Pearl Mussel Cycle

A short film about the pearl mussel cycle, produced for the Freshwater Biological Association

Restoring the River Irt Freshwater Pearl Mussel Population

A short film documenting the ongoing pearl mussel restoration work on the River Irt. Produced in collaboration with Cumbria Rivers Trust and the Freshwater Biological Association

British Taekwondo National Championships 2019

A short highlights film produced for British Taekwondo

Katie and Jamie's Wedding Day Film

A cinematic wedding film of Katie and Jamie's big day at the Merewood Hotel, co-produced with Richard Berry at

Quest Taekwondo

A short information film produced for Quest Taekwondo in Sheffield

Enso Taekwondo

A short film expressing the ethos of Enso Taekwondo Club