“Remember today, for it is the beginning of always.”

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Engagement Shoot


Secret Proposal Shoot

£400 (includes engagement shoot afterwards)

Pre-Wedding Shoot

£300 (when booked with a wedding)

Planning a Lake District Proposal or Engagement?

This is where your story begins. If you're planning on 'popping the question' and you're looking for those beautiful moments to be captured forever, get in touch (only if you're sure she will say yes though!).

If you've just got engaged, then let's mark the occasion with some intimate photos of just the two of you.

I've photographed hundreds of proposals throughout the Lake District and I always like to follow the proposal with an engagement shoot afterwards to capture those magical photos that really mark the moment. An average proposal and or engagement shoot lasts around 2 hours but unlike other photographers, I don't watch the clock or put a time limit on this. Everybody is different, some people warm to the camera quickly, and others take a little more time. I respect this, and I will shoot with you until we feel like we have an amazing collection of epic photos that you will love!

Ready to Begin Your Story?