"Walking with your hand in mine is exactly where I want to be always"

—Fawn Weaver

I hope you will enjoy looking through some of my favourite wedding photos over the last year or two.

As a lake district wedding photographer, I photograph moments of love, laughter, happiness, anticipation, surprise, trust, and tears of joy. Most of all though, I photograph natural photographs of people and the way in which they connect within those moments.

"Often, it's the moments between moments that matter the most.

I don't take pictures, I make them!"

Cameras are really great at helping me to capture these moments but they're not very good at adding feelings and emotions to them. I don't take pictures - I make them! Using photos as a starting point for my digital canvas, I paint colour and light, add texture, remove distractions and breathe life into your images so that they become charged with feelings and passion truly reflecting the emotion experienced in that very moment. Your photos will undergo an extensive period of enhancement in post-production, each image will be hand edited one by one so that you look flawless - as you should on your wedding day! With over a decade of experience in photography, design, and image-retouching you can be confident that your memories are in good hands!