About Me

I come from a pretty crazy and rather imperfect family! I spent the first eleven years of my life in a family of three with my mother and sister, before running away to the Lake District to live in the countryside with my godfather and a small Jack Russel Terrier called Timmy. It's here where I discovered an appreciation for the more important things in life! 

Having had a troubled early childhood in a city where I felt I didn't belong, I finally settled down to embrace a slower tempo in a village called Selside, just on the outskirts of Kendal. Surrounded by antiques, oil paintings, an old piano, and a potter's wheel, it wasn't long before I discovered my appreciation for creativity and country life. I spent my summers mowing the lawn on a ride on tractor; walking miles with Timmy; fishing for trout in the local river and sawing firewood for the long winter that followed. Living in a large country house had its advantages and disadvantages - winter brought darkness and cold but also fireside cosiness, hot chocolate by a warm AGA cooker and the quietness to be able to think and to create.

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Photo by Steven Barber

At the age of 14, we got our very first computer; a Compaq Presario with a minimal amount of memory which I thought was the very best thing on earth! It was access to the outside world and a chance to create digital art. I was hooked and spent way too much time on dial up internet which resulted in some rather large bills, a stern talking to and inevitably, limited access!

Fast-forwarding many years (because you don't want to hear my entire life's story!), I studied A' level Art and all three sciences which led to further study in the form of a Ba. Hons degree in Computer Games Design at the University of Teeside. This encompassed storyboard production, 3-dimensional modeling, and computer animation. It's here where I discovered my love for storytelling and in fact where my love for photography developed (pardon the pun!). I became well versed in both static and moving images and spent many nights developing film and negatives in a traditional darkroom. It was so therapeutic, in fact magical, and took me back to that quiet country life that I was now missing. I was obsessed! It wasn't long before I picked up a digital camera and the rest is, as they say, history!

I now live with my better half and best friend in the world, our two children and a black labrador called Lola, on the fringe of Kendal, which gives me the very best of countryside and town. Being a Libran (and I don't really believe in star signs but there's perhaps something in it!), I find myself always subconsciously looking for balance. I'm perfectly imperfect, an absolute perfectionist, an introverted extrovert, and a hopeless romantic!

""I love photographs, interesting people, and pizza!""

—Mark Battista

The Battista Family

I see the world very differently from others, which is what separates me from other people who are handy with a camera. I love to capture those moments between moments that others miss, and can often be found burning the midnight oil in the desire to bring photographic memories to life. 

I don't take pictures, I make them - not just with feeling but with emotion too! With over a decade of experience in design, photography, and image retouching you can be confident that your memories are in good hands!

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Danielle & Dean

1 / 5

"If you are looking for candid, natural, beautiful images then Mark is incredible! He captured moments that we didn’t even realise had happened, not to mention the emotion on our faces throughout the day, allowing us to re-live the memories of our intimate ceremony over and over again and for that we will be forever grateful!"

1 / 5