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Mark has a wealth of experience working with children.

As a Children’s Photographer for many years and a father of two of his own children, Mark knows how to get the very best out of them. Capturing timeless images of magic moments that chart the progression of their life as they grow; documenting their smiles, tantrums and personalities.

"It's just like photographing Bumble Bees but they move faster"

Children Grow Up Too Fast

Children grow up so fast and all too often people tell how they wish they had taken more photographs of their children throughout the years. Often they will talk about how they missed documenting some of the most important stages through their life.

Let Mark Battista Photography capture those images for you; images that create a truly priceless gift / memory that you can cherish forever.

"I love photographing children because I know that whilst the photos I take at the time, may not mean a lot, they only grow in value as time passes."

"Children are so unpredictable and an absolute joy to photograph. It's the unpredictability of children that makes photographing them so much fun!"

Some love to pose and pull faces whilst others like to run around and do their own thing. Some children can be very shy and others extremely extrovert.


Mark's style of photography is to let children be themselves and go with the flow. As such, no shoot is ever the same but one thing you can be sure of; there will be none of those cheesy school portrait type photographs that look so false.

"The pictures you receive from a one on one photo shoot will be truly unique, beautiful and most importantly, natural!"

You can find out more about children's photography and view some examples of Mark's work by using the links above. If you have any specific questions or queries then check the 'frequently asked questions' or feel free to contact Mark by email or phone.

Making a Booking

To make a booking contact Mark to check availability. Please note that if you are wanting to book a weekend day, it's best to book well in advance, especially during the summer months.

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