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The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Booker - Belsfield Hotel, Bowness-On-Windermere


A mid-summer's wedding for Jon and Rachael at Laura Ashley's, The Belsfield Hotel.

The day started at Rachael's Mum's house over in Kendal where we took some candid photos of the bridal preparation. When I arrived, Rachael was incredibly calm and composed, in fact I've never seen a bride less nervous! We photographed all the important little details and took some candid photos of the bridal party before I finally departed for The Belsfield where Jon was anxiously waiting.

On arrival at The Belsfield, it was a little bit less relaxed! Jon was nervous but very happy to see me; it seemed the reality was setting in and before long we were making our way downstairs to await the arrival of Rachael.

Some time went by, and then some more time went by, and then news broke! The wedding car had broken down on the way to pick Rachael up. Oh no! Jon tucked into his hip flask as we nervously waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, Rachael arrived and looked absolutely stunning! Obviously a lot more nervous than when I left her, and understandably so! It was full steam ahead from this point as the registrars didn't have long before they had to be somewhere else. The ceremony was perhaps shorter than normal but no less beautiful. After the ceremony we had a few photos at The Belsfield and then escaped the main wedding party for some more intimate photos at Blackwell House.

What an amazing day it turned out to be; full of love, emotion, sun, smiles and laughter! Although, I must say (and I'm sure Jon will agree with me) that it was a trifle hot for a full suit! Still, one can't complain; the weather was on our side for once, which is a rarity in this part of the world!

A massive congratulations to you both! Thanks for choosing me to do your wedding photography,  it was a real privilege; I've not stopped smiling all the way through the editing process of your photos and I'm super excited to receive your photo selections for your wedding album.

Below is a very small selection of some of my favourite photographs from your beautiful wedding day.

  • Booker-Getting-Ready-18
  • Booker-Getting-Ready-10
  • Booker-Getting-Ready-54
  • Booker-Getting-Ready-53
  • Booker-Getting-Ready-48

  • Booker-Getting-Ready-61
  • Booker-Getting-Ready-64
  • Booker-Getting-Ready-66
  • Booker-Getting-Ready-80

  • Ceremony-76
  • Ceremony-29
  • Ceremony-4
  • Ceremony-61
  • Ceremony-6
  • Ceremony-8
  • Ceremony-65
  • Ceremony-64
  • Ceremony-84
  • Ceremony-90
  • Booker-After-Ceremony-Portraits-4
  • Booker-After-Ceremony-Portraits-13
  • Booker-After-Ceremony-Portraits-30
  • Booker-After-Ceremony-Portraits-38
  • Booker-After-Ceremony-Portraits-33
  • Booker-After-Ceremony-Portraits-37
  • Booker-After-Ceremony-Portraits-35
  • Speeches-14
  • Speeches-24
  • Speeches-25
  • Speeches-18
  • Speeches-28
  • Speeches-12
  • Speeches-38
  • Speeches-40
  • Speeches-67
  • Speeches-29
  • Speeches-64
  • Speeches-61
  • Speeches-30
  • Speeches-36
  • Speeches-58
  • Booker-Cake-Cutting-1
  • Booker-Cake-Cutting-2
  • Booker-Cake-Cutting-5
  • Booker-Cake-Cutting-7
  • Booker-Cake-Cutting-9
  • Night-Do-26
  • Night-Do-5
  • Night-Do-44
  • Night-Do-45
  • Evening-Portraits-7
  • Evening-Portraits-19
  • Night-Do-57
  • Night-Do-58
  • Night-Do-105
  • Night-Do-86
  • Night-Do-87
  • Night-Do-89
  • Night-Do-98
  • Night-Do-103
  • Night-Do-101

I'm always excited to hear about the plans for your big day! If you're looking for a Wedding photographer in Cumbria, please do get in touch.

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