The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Bell, Belmount Hall, Hawskhead


Jess & Steve | Belmount Hall | Bubbles & Blue Sky

Jess and Steve were married at the beautiful Belmount Hall in Hawkshead. This was my first time photographing at Belmount Hall and I've got to say I just love the venue. This beautiful grade II listed Georgian house grandly sits back from the road and boasts some of the areas most beautiful views with amazing gardens. It's a fabulous spot for your wedding reception and is rich in opportunities for photos; from shaded English country gardens to rustic grandeur, this is a venue that has it all. 

Jess and Steve very much had their own ideas about how they were going to celebrate their big day. Complete with Teepees and a slack line, this was no ordinary wedding. When I arrived, Steve was casually returning from a leisurely bike ride around the Lake District and Jess was comfortably relaxed with no signs of pre-wedding jitters. As a wedding photographer, this can be both unnerving and comforting at the same time. I laughed as I asked a dapper gentleman doing some last minute decorations if he had seen the groom - only to find that it was Steve himself, up a ladder and all scrubbed up. A real shock considering I'd spotted him in his cycling attire just moments earlier. Have I ever seen a Groom get ready so fast? Most definitely not!

All in all, this was a beautiful day, relaxed in every way; leaving me carte blanche to unobtrusively tell the story as it unfolded. A stunning sun made for some extremely bright conditions, however we were blessed with some gorgeous evening light for those more intimate portraits.

Jess and Steve, thank you for being such and awesome couple and for asking me to document your most gorgeous wedding. It was a pleasure and real privilege to spend the day with your lovely friends and family! Below is a small selection of my favourites.


Venue: Belmount Hall

Dress - Marrime Bridalwear

Jewellery - Goldfinch Jewellery

Cake - Jessica's Mum

Hair - Jessica's friend

Make up - Jess herself

Flowers - LP Flower Design

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